Kashma, 18 år.

: ((

vaknade av att ha skit ont i halsen, magen & huvet :( Hade drömmar inatt som jag inte velat drömma :( har drömt om samma person i 2 dagar ._. 
aja, igår var jag på stan med maaaammiiii =) köpte en roosa kalender, stift pennor, & godis. fan ta alla bh på kapphal & lindex dom suuuuuuuuuger, skit konstig gjorda, alldeles för småa ;( sen har syrran köpt ett par jeans eller va de är ;o ljus blåa tror jag dom är.. ska prova senare & se om dom passar :D Om dom gör de ska jag köpa ett par likadana tror jag :) behöver verkligen köpa jeans o_o aja, har nt börjat på boxning ännu :O Men ska börja snart tror jag ;D kmr få börja ensam ifall antonia elr maryam nt vill börja ;( tänk oooom alla e typ 15 åringar :S
ooomg, skola igen imorgn. Helgen går sååååååååååå snabbt :/ aja ;o skolan e väll kul oxå.. förutom onsdagar då vi slutar SKIT sent! man blir helt jävla trött & har religon på slutet. Man håller på att somna :S
sen mst ja läsa på fysik skiten och komma ihåg :/ miiin hjärna hatar att komma ihåg saker :o typ 5 sekunders kashma som i ngn adam sandler film, vartenda 10 sekund glömmer han bort att han har sagt hi my name is tom, vartenda 10 sekund han ba hi, my name is tom. & ist för det är jag 5 sekunders kashma , glömemr bort allt de ja har läst/sett som e oviktigt enligt min hjärna, eller ngt annat :oooo


Omg! idag så kom ja hem på håltimmen och pappa o min syrra var häääär =)))
Skiiiit skönt o få se dom nu igen ;DDD har fått saker av syrran som hon har köpt, o dom e skiiiiit fina :o HAHAHAHAHHA HON HADE KÖPT TOFFLOR SOM PENNVÄSSARE TILL MIG OCH HENNE ;DD här får ni se hur dom såg ut + ett sudd fick ja oxå :)


hääär får nii mera, fast inga frågor ;o

Q. How can you tell if your girlfriend wants you?

A. When you put your hand down her pants and it feels like youre feeding a horse.

Man to his Wife on Her Birthday.

You Can Have S*x for 1 Hour the Way You Want It.

Wife Jumps in Joy,
Kisses him Runs out Saying...

"I'll Be Back in an Hour" :-

Dad watching FTV....
suddenly son come
Dad- poor girls donot have enough money to buy full clothes
Son- if you want to see more poor girls than i have a cd :)

Daughter: Mummy that man gave me 10 rupees to climb that tree.
Mother: Stupid !He wanted to see ur panty.
Daughter: I am clever I din't wear any of them.

A girl cries the whole world consoles her,
A boy cries they say dont be a girl.
A girl talking to a boy is Friendly
but A boy talking a girl is flirting
if a girl slaps a boy than its boy mistake
but when a boy slap a girl he is bad
but its said its men world

Richman to poor man- How-come ur pen!s so big? Poor man-replied:
Bcoz in my childhood I had no other toys to play!!!

Why is golf called a wrong game?
Coz u hold a stick n put the ball in the hole instead of holding the ball n putting the stick in the hole.

Buy a scooty,
pick a beauty,
drink a frooty,
take her to ooty,
remove her nighty,
do ur duty,
after 9 month get a cuty

Q: What is the difference between and Virgin and a washing machine?
A: The washing machine doesn't follow you around for two weeks after you dump a load in it!

Once a lady met a Male Gynecologist in a party and asked:
Dr Do u remember me?

He replied:

Sorry Ma'am,

I Don't Remember Ladies by their Faces.

Q: Who is senior,

bcos PEN!S always stands up when hesees a
VAG!NA ..So respect the seniors!!

Height of YUCK..

BOY while kissing his GF--

Thank u BABY for giving yours chewing gum....

GF : its not chewing gum my LOVE, I am suffering from

Do U know the full-form of COLLEGE
Thats why boys go to college regularlyv

Wife asked his husband:
how many women he had slept with?

Husband proudly replies:
only you darling, with others I was awake!!

school starts -
boy -
can i go to the toilet
teacher -
say the alphabet first so he says
a b c d e f g h i j k l m n o q r s t u v w x y z
where's the p
boy -
halfway down my leg

What did the hurricane say to the palm tree? Hold on to your nuts.
This is no ordinary blow job!

Q: Why do men sit with their legs wide open?
A: So their brains can breathe.

Mom: Why R U pregnant?

Daughter: This is our project in college about Miracle of Life.
Mom: Tell me who is he?

Daughter:I dont know, it was a group project..

Everything on a girls upper body starts wid "B"



LOWER wid "P"
No wonder Men get BP problems.

Boy (to girl): What's there in between your legs?
Girl: H3ll! And what's there in between your legs?
Boy: A sinner, who wants to go to h3ll..

A woman married a one legged man.

She wrote to her mother:

My husband only has ONE FOOT.

Her Motherreplied:

You are lucky,your Dad has ONLY 5 INCHES..

A man was teaching a woman how to swim..
Finally the woman said :
Tell me frankly ,
will I really drown like a leaking boat if u take ur finger out :D.

Son on his honeymoon phoned his mom asking what 2 do
MOM:Put ur biggest thng on her hairiest thng
my nose in her armpit. Now what?

rooster and cat at goin over bridge
cat slipsfalls in
rooster cant stop laughin.
wats D moral?
therZ a wet pusssyyy therZ a happy cocckk